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Kara's Services

Agriculture & Food Systems
  • Land Management Consulting

  • Holistic Grazing Planning

  • Nutritional Expertise for Food Product Development

  • Land Monitoring such as Ecological Outcome Verification  

Holistic Health
  • Nutritional Consulting

  • Healthy Weight Eating Program

  • Detox Program

  • Speaking Engagements and Webinar Presentations

  • Writing and Curriculum Development


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“The deeper I explore ecology, agriculture and human health the more captivated I become by it. Each day I am amazed by new things I learn and how one thing enables and builds upon the other. There is seemingly no end to the wonder elicited by recognizing the integration of all things. The more we focus our attention on nourishing the healthy function of this integration the better off we will all be!” – Kara Kroeger

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