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3-Month Holistic Health Coaching Package

Ready to unleash the power of nutrition and become the healthiest version of you?

Service Description

Nourish your body, mind, and soul with this transformative 3-Month Holistic Health Coaching package. Together, we will embark on a journey to optimize your well-being with a nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan as unique as you. We'll work closely to achieve your specific goals, from feeling more energized to resolving digestive issues and finding emotional balance. Throughout an initial intake visit and three consecutive follow-up visits I will help you understand health imbalances, mindsets and habits that may be limiting you from reaching your health goals and feeling your best. After the initial intake I will construct a personalized protocol that will help you overhaul your nutrition and health with a step-by-step approach that is achievable and sustainable. We will have two additional follow-up sessions within the three month period to celebrate your successes and adapt your protocol as needed. Beyond the personalized protocol and coaching sessions, you will have the advantage of using the Well World daily habit tracking app, along with direct email and text support with Kara to keep you motivated throughout the program. If you’re looking for a nutrition partner who understands your goals and celebrates your achievements every step of the way this is the program for you. And don't forget to invite your family to join the journey with our special household discount! If you and your partner or other household member are looking to make changes together you can take advantage of LFL’s special family discount for two or more participants while still receiving customized care for each individual. See prices below. • Initial intake consultation (1 hour 15 minutes) • Recommendations for science-based laboratory assessments to further customize your protocol. Additional costs apply if you choose to partake in laboratory testing. • Customized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol • 1-hour protocol review and planning session • Two 1-hour follow-up health coaching sessions • Well World daily habit tracking app • Email and text support throughout the program • Family discount - $2160 for two people and $980 for each additional person

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