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LFL 28-day Community

Cleanse & Reset

January 2nd-30th

It's time to Put the Holiday indulgences Behind you. start 2024 off fresh with the LFL cleanse & reset

Want to give your digestive system a well-deserved vacation and experience the relief of a cleaner, lighter feeling inside and out?

Care to Shed a few pounds while nourishing your body with nutrient-rich food, supplements, and lifestyle hacks supported by Friends?

Ready to Experience how a cleanse can sharpen your mental focus and clarity, giving your energy a boost and a fresh perspective on your daily tasks?


Imagine Being able to:

•    Optimize your energy & focus so you can get more done.
•    Stabilize your cravings and nutrify your life (yes, nutrify is not a real word but it’s a good one).
•    Seriously overhaul your digestion, absorption, and elimination
 for improved physical and emotional health.
•    Enjoy creating a nourishing and positive environment for yourself inside and out.
•    Discover the incredible connection between what you eat
and your emotions (the good, bad and ugly).
•    Identify limiting beliefs and embrace new paradigms to create fulfilling interactions with yourself, others, the flow of abundance
, and the environments that surround you. 

•    Learn how to make your life juicier and more aligned with your desires!

This guided holistic cleansing journey is designed to support and uplift you as you clear old debris in your body and mind all while discovering joyful ways to live with more clarity, harmony, and abundance. So, get your friends and family onboard and prepare to invest in the most important thing you have…your precious health!


Kara Explains All the Benefits & Details in this Video

How it works


Pick your plan and register or schedule a call with Kara to learn more! Contact info below.



Silver - Bases Covered $600

  • Early bird pricing        $525 (ends December 1, 2023)

Gold - Bases Covered + Anti-inflammatory $800

  • Early bird pricing $725 (ends December 1, 2023)

Platinum - Bases Covered + Anti-inflammatory + Gut Health $900

  • Early bird pricing $825 (ends December 1, 2023)

Use EARLYBIRDCLEANSE code at checkout for $75 off



Show Up

Show up for "yourself" to learn and interact directly with Kara and the supportive LFL community in the four live webinars and on the community Platform. 

Webinar Dates:


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Webinar time is 7:30 PM EST.

If you can't make a class, no worries! You will have access to the recordings within 12 hours of the live call. That said, people who show up for the live calls tend to have better outcomes and create healthy habits that last long beyond the 28-days.

Give yourself this gift. You're worth it!


Follow a 28-day elimination diet. Lot's of super tasty recipes will be provided. Don't worry it's not as difficult as it seems. You can do it! I promise.

Foods to Eliminate:

  • Gluten & Gliadin (wheat)

  • Dairy

  • Alcohol

  • Sugar

  • Caffeine (optional but recommended).

Substitute two meals a day with nourishing and detoxifying shakes for 21 days.


Eat one meal per day consisting of meat (optional), vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans and gluten-free grains.

Open your mind and learn to create a healthier life for yourself and your family.

Be Proud

Power through 28-days of transformation and celebrate your success on January 30th, as you move forward with a new found zest for life and a plethora of new tools under your belt to care for your body, mind, and soul.

Walk Away With:

  • A great sense of accomplishment

  • A lighter feeling in the body and clearer thinking.

  • Improved digestion and elimination.

  • Dozens of new tools for improving physical, emotional, social, and environmental health and tranquility in you and your family's life.

  •  An introduction to abundance as a flow of energy and tools to learn to harness more of it within yourself.

LFL Cleanse & Reset Plan Options

EACH PLAN BELOW INCLUDES ALL SUPPLEMENTS, 42 MEAL REPLACEMENTS, AND ACCESS TO FOUR LIVE WEBINARS WITH KARA KROEGER ON TUESDAYS, JANUARY 2ND, 9TH, 23RD, AND 30TH at 7:30 PM EST. You will also be enrolled in the Well World online platform where you can ask questions and create discussion with other participants during the 28-day cleanse. The only variation in the following plans is the different types of Designs for Health supplements you choose to use during the cleanse. Products will be mailed directly to the shipping address you provide at registration before January 2, 2024. All directions for how to use the products will be given on the first day of the cleanse in the introductory webinar. It is highly recommended that you attend the first webinar to ask any questions. Have more Questions? Contact Kara to get them answered by using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Image by Mariana Medvedeva

Bases Covered

This plan includes a 30-day supply of functional supplements that cover all the bases for cleansing the body in a deeply nourishing way. These products contain a comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts that support the overall metabolic detoxification process while balancing phase I and phase II detoxification pathways.*


Detox Support Packets will be taken twice a for the 28-day duration of the cleanse. 


VegeCleanse Plus and Phytotein are functional food powders that will be the nutritional foundation of two smoothies per day from day 8-28 of the cleanse. These foods can be combined as a stand-alone meal replacement or blended with fruits, veggies, and other acceptable  ingredients as meal replacements.

Image by Nadine Primeau


This plan includes everything in the Silver plan PLUS the addition of the following supplements for added toxin binding capacity in the gut and anti-inflammatory support.


PaleoFiber is helpful for increasing satiation and binding to toxins in the body to be excreted as waste.*


PaleoGreens helps alkalize and reduce inflammation in the body.*


OmegAvail Ultra is a high-potency omega-3 product that supports anti-inflammatory pathways in the body by providing 600 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 400 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) along with vitamins D3, K1, and K2 to help support cardiovascular, bone, and immune health.*

Image by Dani Rendina

Anti-Inflame + Gut Health

This plan includes everything in the Silver & Gold plan PLUS the addition of the following supplements for improving the integrity of the gut lining and fostering healthy gut microbes.

GI Revive is a comprehensive formula that support healthy intestinal function by coating and soothing the GI lining and promoting the body’s natural GI repair process.*


Probiotic Synergy contains 5 stable and viable beneficial bacteria strains — carefully selected to be acid tolerant and to provide excellent adherence to the gut wall. This product provides 20 billion live organisms in each serving. This product contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that benefits gastrointestinal health through its ability to balance gut microbiota.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Designs for Health follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and fully guarantees that their products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing. Each product is evaluated and monitored for quality throughout the manufacturing process. Designs for Health nutritional supplements are manufactured at FDA inspected facilities with stringent internal quality control procedures and documentation systems that conform to one or more of these industry standards and/or certifications: NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF, OTC (Over the Counter Drug GMPs), TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), and the requirements of the FDA Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

Turn Your Wellness Goals into Reality

If you are currently experiencing low energy, regular fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, gas bloating, lack of focus, foggy thinking, anxiety, depression, unhealthy cravings, skin rashes, acne breakouts, low vegetable intake, irritability, PMS, infertility issues, food intolerances, weight gain, and or just a general feeling of YUCKINESS in your body, it’s time to try something different!


The LFL 28-day Community Cleanse & Reset will change how you approach 4 key areas of life:

  • Whole Body Health & Nutrition

  • Environment & Surroundings

  • Emotional & Social Dynamics

  • Abundance Mindset


Get ready to revitalize your mind, body, and soul! This program provides you with:

  • Supplemental ingredients for two highly nourishing meal-replacement shakes each day.

  • Smoothie recipes that enhance detoxification in tasty ways.

  • Essential nutrients to support all the detoxification pathways including ample amounts of antioxidants to neutralize free-radicals.

  • Sample meal plans, recipes, and convenient shopping lists that make eating on this cleanse delicious and enjoyable.

  • Dozens of new tools for improving physical, emotional, social, and environmental health and tranquility in you and your family's life.

You'll also be supported in four live webinars with Certified Herbalist & Nutritionist Kara Kroeger, where we will explore the profound connection between a nourished body and your social, environmental, and abundance mindsets. These webinars will take place on Zoom October 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th at 7:30 PM EST.


It doesn't end there—you will also have access to a vibrant community discussion platform to chat with Kara and fellow cleanse participants. We'll cheer each other on and share experiences and successes. We're in this together!


To equip you holistically, you will be provided with life-changing resources on nutrition, sustainable living, nervous system regulation, emotional and social well-being, and the art of creating abundance.

This program is for those that know there is more to life than what they are experiencing. If you participate in the program wholeheartedly you’ll get crystal clear about what foods and lifestyle habits aren’t working for your body and mind and learn the tools needed to change them.




Webinar Series Curriculum

Webinar 1: Preparing for the LFL Cleansing Journey

Kara will kick off the program with a positively inspiring introduction to the "why" of the program and detailed instructions to set you up for the 28-days ahead. We'll explore the program's benefits and all the nitty-gritty details of this transformative cleanse & reset experience. Expect to explore your current mindsets, imagine potential future selves, and set realistic goals to make this empowering journey fun and doable for you. There will be ample time for you to ask questions and get clear on your committments.


Additionally, we’ll touch on refocusing your current state of mind and understanding the profound connection between a nourished body and your social, environmental, and financial well-being. Of course, we'll also go over common challenges and share tips for creating a supportive environment, ensuring your success from the very start.

You will receive:
•    Cleanse supplement protocols
•    Delicious recipes for shakes and meals
•    Adjunct tools & recommendations to use to up-level the cleansing process within the body
•    Homework exercise for exploring your current environments, spaces, and places and their influence over your health and self-identity (in preparation for the subsequent webinar)

Read More

Webinar 3: Emotional and Social Renewal – Unlocking a Brighter You

This session is all about creating positive waves within yourself so that you can show up in your community and the world around you with more presence and grace. Kara will reflect on the connection between a nourished body and your emotional and social well-being. We will delve into the art of nervous system regulation and how doing so establishes a strong foundation in your body and energetic frequency. You will learn ways to use your body as a tuning fork to improve the resonance around you.


You will receive:

  • Tools and recommendations for identifying imbalanced interactions, nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and cultivating a strong support network.

  • Exercises for exploring conscious and unconscious beliefs about abundance and finance (in preparation for the subsequent webinar).

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Webinar 2 - Environment, Space, Place – Creating Healthy Surroundings

The salience of place, or the meaningful physical environments of our everyday lives, have a lot of influence over our health and self-identity. In this webinar you will explore how you interact with and within various environments that affect your life. Kara will guide the group in discovering ways to build habits that support personal health while also working to raise the quality of life for all beings by embodying the ecology of human, animal, and land health as ONE.


You will receive:

  • Tools & recommendations for

    • Creating eco-friendly habits for a greener lifestyle

    • Organizing and beautifying your living space for improved clarity and energy flow

    • Exploring your cultural and personal identity and how the meaning you apply to things influences your health.

  • Exercise for exploring your relationship with yourself and others (in preparation for the subsequent webinar).

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Webinar 4: Claiming an Abundance Mindset and Celebrating Your Successes

In this session we will explore the realm of conscious and unconscious beliefs about abundance and the relationship to your overall well-being. We’ll explore the concept of money as energy as we delve into mindset changes that can increase your capacity to receive abundance with open arms. We will plant seeds for creating a thoughtful container for your money through financial self-care resources with the intent of nourishing your overall well-being as a result.


We will close out the webinar series by reflecting on and celebrating your accomplishments during the cleansing journey. We will also discuss how to reintroduce eliminated foods and creating a sustainable plan for maintaining healthy practices as you reintegrate into normal life.

You will receive:

  • Exercise for assessing your current financial outlook and setting financial goals.

  • Tools & recommendations for Increasing your capacity to receive abundance.

  • Food reintroduction guidelines & recommendations for supporting detox processes on a daily basis.

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