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Raising quality of all life for all beings by helping people embody the ecology of human, animal and land health as one

Holistic Health & Agroecology Education by Kara Kroeger

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My journey into agroecology began after 18 years in the holistic health field as a Certified  Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Chef as the owner of my business Kroeger Nutrition LLC. Upon being exposed to a philosophy of land regeneration called Holistic Management while helping a friend restore degraded pastures on her cattle ranch in Uvalde, Texas, I witnessed the profound similarities between human health, soil health, and the fascinating microbes that move between us and inextricably link us together.


This discovery quickly brought me full circle in my work as an Herbalist and Nutritionist because I realized that no human or animal could become healthy if our soils were not healthy!  And believe me, most of our soils are far from healthy, so unsurprisingly, neither are most of our human gastrointestinal tracts. Sincerely inspired to do something about improving the state of our soils, agriculture and ecology to produce healthier food and people, I returned to school and got my degree in agriculture. I work as a holistic nutrition coach and agroecology educator to incorporate all my skills under one holistic umbrella. By focusing on soil health, and particularly the health of the human gastrointestinal tract, we can heal humans, animals, and the land.

I have found that supporting regenerative agriculture, sustainable food systems and human health through nutrition is the most far-reaching way to grow this awareness… literally from the ground up. After all, we all have to eat!

I watched Kara's presentation to the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I appreciate her approach, specifically her ability to contextualize the research she cites as well as her ability to bring the audience along into the myriad of factors that impact gut health and agriculture practices.  I find it increasingly hard to find both a holistic and academic approach.  She clearly understands how to connect the dots and name key obstacles while suggesting paths forward, all while acknowledging the complexities at play in the agricultural systems in which I work.

- Sarah Blacklin
Director, NC Choices

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