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Speaking & Writing

I pride myself in distilling complex information down into easy to understand applicable methods specific for a given situation. I believe in showing up authentically and enthusiastically in my presentations to inspire true change in our foods systems and health at a scale that makes a difference. I am available for in person speaking engagements, webinars, podcasts, and curriculum development such as those listed below.  I am happy to develop one off content based on the needs of your event or program. Please use the contact form below to contact me about speaking engagements.

In-Person Presentations


  • Healing the Soil/Gastro Intestinal Tract Using the Six Soil/Gut Health Principles - The Minority Landowners Conference

  • Turning Our Tables: The Dirt on Nutrition, Health and Agriculture - The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association Conference

  • How to do a Visual Soil Health Assessment – Grassroots Carbon

  • Using a Brix Refractometer to Measure Forage Quality – Cattleman U

  • Biodiversity for Environmental, Animal, and Human Health - The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Conference

  • How to Improve The Four Ecosystem Processes (Energy, Water, Mineral, Biodiversity) on your Farm Using the Five Soil Health

  • Principles - The Texas Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers Conference

  • Wholesale Readiness and GAP Certification - The Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Conference

  • Professional Inspiration Series for Graduating Students - The Culinary Institute of America

  • Planning and Cooking Health-Supportive, Whole-Foods Menus for People with Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer (40-hour course) - The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts

  • Central Texas Seasonal Food as Medicine Series - The American Botanical Council


Webinars & Podcast


Kara is a seasoned webinar and podcast presenter. Visit the Learn Page to view and listen to some of her webinars and ATTRA podcasts.



Curriculum Development


  • Why Nutrition Matters More Now Than Ever Before - Nutrition Module for Nicole Master’s 16-week CREATE Program

  • This 40-hour course introduced students to the principles and practice of planning and cooking health-supportive, plant-based, whole-foods menus for people with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer - The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts

  • The Healthy Weight Eating Program and Cookbook – Kroeger Nutrition, LLC

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