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Basic Holistic Health Coaching Package

Looking for a personalized nutrition journey that's as unique as you are?

Service Description

Ready to embrace a healthier, more energized you? Let's start you on the path to achieving your health goals. Take the first step with the LFL Basic Holistic Health Coaching package. During your initial intake consultation, we will delve into your specific health concerns and aspirations. I will craft a tailored protocol comprised of nourishing food, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle tweaks. We’ll go over it together in a 1-hour follow up where we develop a step-by-step approach to putting it into practice that is achievable and sustainable. Say hello to improved digestion, balanced neurotransmitters for emotional well-being, mental clarity, and cleaner, happier eating habits! For ongoing support and accountability consider the LFL 3 to 6-month coaching programs instead. • Initial intake consultation (1 hour 15 minutes) • Recommendations for science-based laboratory assessments to further customize your protocol. Additional costs apply if you choose to partake in laboratory testing. • Customized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol • 1-hour protocol review and planning session

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