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As Above So Below Podcast

Right before our very eyes healthy ecosystem processes that allow land to function optimally and our precious health is severely degrading at the hands of Big Ag and Pharma, food insecurities, and food injustices. But there are things we can do to heal the land, nourish and heal ourselves and support those on the frontlines fighting for the viability of resilient food systems. Want to know more? Stay tuned for the upcoming first episode of the HOLISTIC LAND, FOOD AND LIFE podcast that will inspire you through interviews that examine the holistic thought process and introduce solutions we can put in place to solve some of the most challenging  issues we face today.


We function in wholes, let’s save ourselves and stop thinking like reductionists! In this podcast Kara Kroeger, Certified Herbalist & Nutritionist, Chef, and Agriculturist hosts fresh conversations on holistic thinking that inspire you to steward your awareness and actions in collaboration with nature rather than against it. You will learn from regenerative farmers and ranchers, holistic health practitioners, cooks, food system thinkers, food justice advocates, and artists about how to rise above simplistic thinking and start embodying the fact that you are in intimate interconnection with all that surrounds you. The HOLISTIC LAND, FOOD AND LIFE podcast is a positively inspiring manifesto designed to help you connect with your food culture, nourish your health, elevate the quality of life for all beings, and save our remarkable planet.

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