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Regenerative Agricultural Coaching with Kara 

Don't be held back by 6 Common problems that stall business growth

undefined Holistic context and decision making Processes

No Grazing Plan or Plan not optimized for Ideal Recovery periods

Cash Flow issues or Misunderstood return on Investments

Mismanaged time and Priorities due to poor planning

Poor soil health and lack of Functioning Ecosystem Processes

Personal Health and Relationships Suffering from overworking

The Value
Planning and growing your agricultural operation with a coach means you grow faster and stronger. When we work together we will define a holistic goal with all the decision makers involved. Your holistic goal will act as your business’ north star. From here I will help you:

•    Create a plan to start building soil health and biodiversity for your specific land base
•    Create a grazing plan and grow your powers of observation and adaption
•    Clarify your cash flow and show you how to assess your ROI
•    Optimize where you spend your time to get the most reward for your efforts
•    Develop a strategy to invest in the health and well-being of you and your family. 

How it works

Step 1

Schedule an intake session and fill out intake forms – In this 1-hour intake session, we will discuss your goals for your business and family and discover what’s working and what’s holding you back. Needs will be assessed for pulling soil and plant tissue samples and instructions will be given for how to do so.

Step 2

Plan an onsite visit – the onsite visit of your land base starts by assessing the physical and operational components of your business, performing visual soil health assessments, and going over soil and plant test results. The visit ends by meeting with all the decision makers to create a holistic goal that will help guide your team and business.

Step 3

Receive your custom report – I’ll send you  a custom report based on your holistic context and specific business goals addressing the Six Land, Food, Life Holistic Business Foundations to streamline and grow your productivity, profitability, and wellbeing.

Step 4

Experience a year of transformation – you implement, observe and adapt if necessary the suggestions in your report and in a year or less you will not recognize yourself or your business. We will have three follow-up consults throughout the year on a quarterly basis. You will move from confusion to confidence in your business and well-being.


Build Together

Building an agricultural business is complex. You need a strategic plan that clarifies your goals, finances, land health and regeneration, grazing design, time management, and family health planning. Very few producers get it right the first time. Without a plan, the well-being of many agriculture business owners and their families suffer, and worse- they are not profitable.

Your greatest passion is to steward your land, animals, and family, and to create a thriving business and legacy to share with future generations. But let’s get real, it can often feel like the farm is running you, rather than you running the farm. As a farmer or rancher, you know that time is the biggest limiting factor in any agricultural operation. How you choose to manage your time is often what determines your overall success as a producer, parent, and spouse. It’s easy for our health and relationships to tank when all we do is work from dusk till dawn trying to make ends meet.

Maybe you’ve worked with a sports coach before to improve your game, or maybe you’ve hired a financial advisor or an auto mechanic to get further ahead faster than you would on your own. Why not hire a coach to help you build your Ag business, fast-track the regeneration of your land, and become a productive and profitable regenerative ag business?

With me as your coach, you will avoid making costly mistakes. With me as your coach, you will be building your business off the shoulders of many producers who have gone before you. Wisdom has already been passed down, and it’s time for it to be passed to you!

Are you are motivated but just can’t quite seem to get all the pieces to fit together on your own? This is the program for you. Often, my clients are so close to their business they can’t see the forest for the trees. Schedule an intake call today. 

Let’s get started creating a strategy to get you and your team on the same page, maximize your time and investments to improve land health, become more productive, increase profitability, maximize your health and the health of your family, and thrive as a regenerative agricultural producer.

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